Why Avator?

See why so many people are joining the Avator movement.

Your metrics, macro genetics, lifestyle and blood type all determine your own unique Avator and we customize it all for you! The complexity that comes from factoring every dynamic of YOU is all handled by the Avator matrix.

We know that you want real food.

Don’t settle for guilt ridden diets that make you cheat to feel normal now and then. You need to be rewarded for your hard work with reward days. You want to enjoy life. You want to look and feel amazing while having the lifestyle to enjoy it!

This is for you, her, him, everyone.

We look at ‘perfect’ people all the time and never realize how fake the images are. Even the fitness industry lies to us with promises that lead to disappointment. Avator is for everyone, not just those who never seem to leave the gym.

You’ll see results you’ve wished for.

Most real people don’t see real results because the methods are almost always cookie cutter without looking at them as unique individuals. Finally, you’ll see changes because it all starts with YOU, not some copy/paste process.

Avator… Using real food to help real people see real results.


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