Photos Don’t Lie

How many times have you stepped on the scale when “dieting”, or trying to get into shape, only to see the number on the scale has gone up? We all have had this experience and in most cases, causes us to feel dissapointed and lose interest. The phrase, “seeing is believing”, is just that. We understand that the scale is part of progress, but what we tend to forget to do, is remember why we started this journey in the first place. We want to love what we see in the mirror. We do weekly and biweekly photo analysis for all of our members depending on which membership you choose, that will take your photos and “show” you the differences in your body. Remember we see ourselves every single day and so it can be hard to see our own progress. Sometimes that scales goes down and sometimes it goes up. What is causing this to happen? There are a few different reasons and we will be able to show you what the scale simply can’t. the scale is great for giving us a number, but what I can’t do is allow us to see what changes our eyes can see.

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