Our Purpose

Avator.Fit helps everyday people with weight-loss, nutrition, and personal training through feel good, affordable, fitness programs that work.

About Our Founder

Avator.Fit is the brainchild of Eric Traugutt. Growing up overweight and frustrated about his family’s constant struggle with weight-loss, Eric realized something. He realized he didn’t want to die prematurely of heart disease or end up having bypass surgery like his father. He didn’t want to fight off diabetes. He wanted to be healthy and fit.

Eric took matters into his own hands sparking a love affair with nutrition and fitness. He started attending National Personal Training Institute of Colorado to learn how fitness and nutrition go hand-in-hand. After much research and accredited training, Eric developed a fat loss program that worked. Once he found what worked for himself, he had to share it with the world. Avator.Fit was born in 2015 as a result.

What is Avator.Fit?

Who says fitness has to be boring?

Under Eric’s direction, Avator.Fit is changing the game of “dieting” by making it affordable, delicious and fun.

How do they do it?

First, they don’t make you ditch ice cream and cookies. Instead, Avator.Fit recommends nutrition plans that allow you to meet your weight-loss goals without sacrificing what you love.

They do this by using a sci-fi like algorithm called the Avator Matrix that tracks your lifestyle, genetics, body type, blood type and fitness levels. Once they have that information, they create a completely customized daily caloric intake plan—because let’s face it, you’re you and one-size-fits-all programs DO NOT work.

Avator.Fit gives you customized meal plans based on the foods you already eat! Whether that’s burritos or pizza, it doesn’t matter. Eat what you want and get the nutrition you need for weight and fat loss. With two to three ‘reward days’ worked into every plan, you never have to drool over wedding cake or your office’s pizza party. Avator frees you from restricting diet plans that produce little to no results.

Better Fitness For Life!

Avator.Fit is dedicated to your fitness success. Their team is available via text and email anytime you have a question or concern about your plan. As a member, you’ll get an individualized weight-loss plan that helps you keep weight off for life!

Avator.Fit also takes things a step farther with a maintenance plan that helps you keep your fat loss off. With community and team support on your side, there’s no way you can fail. This isn’t a diet. It’s a lifestyle change.

For more information about their programs or team, please contact the Avator team at:

(720) 724-7695

720. 724. 7695

Real People. Real Food. Real Results.