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Social Life

Afraid you can’t go out after a long day at work and grab a drink? Fear no more! We make sure that your social life is not compromised. You don’t want to carry your meals with you to a family or work event? Good, neither would we. We want you to enjoy your personal life […]

Favorite Foods


Are you tired of only eating chicken, rice, cottage cheese and egg whites? We would be too! We offer meal plans that include a variety of different foods including your favorite foods; whether it is steak, pork chops, peanut butter, bagels, cream cheese, potatoes and, yes, even Mexican food. You get to be in the […]


Have you ever noticed that the people at your gym look the same today as they did when you joined? Maybe you are not seeing changes to your own physique and you are getting frustrated because you’re not seeing results. Sick of drinking shakes that are costly and say lose weight quickly, but the weight […]

Photos Don’t Lie

How many times have you stepped on the scale when “dieting”, or trying to get into shape, only to see the number on the scale has gone up? We all have had this experience and in most cases, causes us to feel dissapointed and lose interest. The phrase, “seeing is believing”, is just that. We […]

Reward Days

We understand that having a social life and being able to enjoy birthdays, anniversaries, dates, or just hanging out with friends and family are important to you. We also want you to enjoy these events. More importantly reward days reset your leptin levels which control your metabolism rate. This increases your weight loss success. That […]

Our WHY is YOU

Avator is revolutionizing the fitness and nutrition industry by utilizing science into your everyday lifestyle. Most people don’t want to change their lifestyle or want to eat plain old chicken and rice. We build custom meal plans and workouts designed around you because your success is our passion. Are you sick and tired of depriving […]

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